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Buying guide to traditional wedding suits


As a wedding planner I hear lots of phrases being bandied about such ‘it’ll be the happiest day of my life’, ‘the most important event’ etc. No pressure then but it would be nice to think that your wedding day should be one of your best-dressed days. When it comes to what to wear you’ll want to get it exactly right and although the focus is almost always on the bride’s dress, looking good is equally important to the grooms that I meet.

How to dress for your wedding

It’s a fact that the vast majority of men still choose to wear a suit on their wedding day. It’s not hard to see why the suit remains the top choice: there aren’t many men who don’t look good in a well-cut suit and smart tailoring is incredibly flattering for most physiques. A good suit oozes style and as soon as you put it on it should give you confidence, helping you to relax and enjoy your big day.

Timeless elegance

A simple two piece suit is a sure-fired route to timeless elegance. Simple and easy to wear, single breasted two piece suits look great on almost all body shapes, whilst double-breasted two piece suits tend to suit tall slim men. Charcoal grey or navy (my personal favourite) are stylish, modern choices but if you’re worried your suit will look boring, you could always jazz it up with a pocket hanky, for example.

The beauty of two piece suits lies in their versatility as the ‘look’ can be altered to suit the style of the wedding. Formal weddings are a great opportunity to pull out all the style stops and to wear your sharp two piece with a slim fitting shirt and narrow tie. More informal weddings call for relaxed tailoring so why not ditch the brogues and tie and team up your two piece suit with stylish trainers and an open-necked shirt?

Understated style

A dinner suit or black tie is a sure-fire route to looking sharp and classically elegant. Simple and understated, a bespoke dinner suit is pretty hard to beat but one word of caution: check that this is what the other guests will be wearing or you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

Traditional doesn’t have to mean boring

A traditional three piece suit is still the garment of choice for the majority of grooms. The classic morning suit is becoming less common and most of the grooms I work with these days much prefer a bespoke three piece suit to top hat and tails. Deciding to wear a three piece suit to your wedding doesn’t mean that you’ll have to look staid or boring though and by buying a bespoke suit, you’ll be able to choose from literally thousands of suiting fabric and lining combinations. Mid-weight wool fabric is probably the best choice for British summer wedding whilst linen looks great if you’re planning on getting married somewhere hot and exotic.

Remember that getting your style right means getting the details right so don’t overlook those all-important ‘extras’ such as the colour of your shirt, cufflinks and shoes.

Relax and enjoy

Looking good on your wedding day will ensure that you feel relaxed and confident, ready to enjoy what is likely to be one of the most important days of your life. Choose something you feel comfortable wearing and whether it’s a traditional grey three piece suit or a burgundy velvet tuxedo and you’ll look and feel like a million dollars.

How to choose the perfect wedding suit


The venue has been booked, the wedding dress chosen and the invitations have been sent out. There’s just one thing missing – the perfect wedding suit for the groom. No groom wants to upstage the bride but if there’s one day in your life when you want to look your very best, it’s certain to be your wedding. But how do you choose a knockout suit?

Off-the-peg or bespoke?

As any self-respecting tailor will tell you, when it comes to wedding suits, hire wear simply won’t cut the mustard. At best ill-fitting and shapeless, or at worst downright worn and incredibly cheap looking, hiring a suit for a wedding should be avoided at all costs. This leaves a choice between buying an off-the-peg suit or going bespoke.

Off-the-peg suits can look great you really do get what you pay for so try to spend as much as you can afford and stretch your budget as far as possible. Some well-known high street stores now stock perfectly acceptable off-the-peg suits for weddings, with a couple offering a compromise in the form of off-the-peg suits which can altered to suit your measurements.

If you do decide to buy an off-the-beg suit, it must fit you perfectly and flatter your shape. Double-breasted suits tend to look better on taller, slim men whilst single-breasted suits are great all-rounders which look good on most builds.

Bespoke ensures a perfect fit

Bespoke suits are made for the wearer and as such guarantee a perfect, flattering fit. Granted a bespoke suit will cost a lot more than off-the-peg, but it can be well worth looking upon the suit as an investment and as something you’ll wear for many years to come. Buying a bespoke suit isn’t complicated or difficult; the process involves having detailed measurements taken by a tailor, who will then create a pattern from which your unique suit will be created.

You’re the designer

The bespoke tailoring process allows the wearer to become the designer and you’re likely to be offered a choice of thousands of fabrics and lining materials, plus an almost limitless choice over the details of the design. From the shape of the lapels to the stitching; you’ll be able to create a truly unique suit that reflects your style and personality. You’ll also have the opportunity to match your suit with those of your groomsmen, or why not choose a lining to complement the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses?

Many bespoke tailors also have the expertise to design and create everything from made-to-measure shirts through to waistcoats and ties; a great way to ensure your suits enhance the outfits of the rest of the bridal party.

Most UK towns and cities boast at least one bespoke tailor but if you’re struggling to find one near you, you’ll find that there are several national tailoring firms who offer a door-to-door service, designed to make it easy to order a bespoke suit from the comfort of your own home. If you’re in or around the Yorkshire or London areas, then you might try Norton & Townsend who create bespoke wedding suits for many clients.

Buying your first bespoke suit can seem daunting but the process really is straightforward. Relax and enjoy the experience; remember that you’re buying a truly unique suit that’s guaranteed to give you confidence and ensure you look like a million dollars on your big day.



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We will be with you every step of the way from the initial free no obligation consultation right through to the day you leave for your honeymoon. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and confident with us as your wedding planner right from the start.

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