So you’ve woken up this morning to find an invitation to an old friend’s wedding has landed on your doorstop. You knew your friend had popped the question and although you’re absolutely delighted for him, panic is starting to set in as you haven’t a clue what to wear.

A wedding is the one of the most important days in someone’s life and whether you’re looking for a suit to wear to a distant cousin’s wedding or are searching for the perfect outfit to wear in your duties as a best man, it’s absolutely vital that you get your look just right.

Dress to impress

Weddings are the ideal opportunity to impress and don’t forget that the photos will be looked at fondly for many years to come. The type of suit you wear to a wedding will depend on where the wedding will be held and what kind of wedding it’s going to be. Whether it’s a country church or a tropical beach there’s no hard and fast rule to say that you have to wear a suit, but if you’re planning on looking sharp and stylish, donning a tailored garment will make you feel the part.

Stylish weddings

As any wedding planner worth their salt will tell you, rental suits have well and truly had their day. When you think about who could’ve been wearing it and the fact that it’s made in a one-size-fits-all style, formal hire really isn’t worth it. A decent suit is well worth investing in – remember that you can always pull it out again to wear for an important interview, a smart weekend away or even another wedding. If you’re planning on buying one stylish suit in your life go for single-breasted navy and make it bespoke if you can afford it.

Traditional weddings

What is a traditional wedding suit? These days it’s most definitely not a traditional morning suit, however there’s absolutely no doubt that a bespoke three piece suit will still cut the mustard. Three piece suits look great on grooms and guests alike and once you’ve got all hot and bothered doing the conga at the disco, you can shed your jacket to reveal a sharp waistcoat.

Overseas weddings

Whilst an invite to a wedding in an exotic location is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and enjoy a short holiday, choosing a suit to wear in sweltering weather can be problematic. Wool is obviously a no-no whilst a linen suit can look like you’ve slept in it so why not get round the problem by choosing cotton or a lightweight wool blend? You’ll still look stylish provided you go for a light colour and finishing your look with a pair of killer shades.

Country weddings

When I say country wedding what I really mean is quintessentially English. Think country church and a marquee on the lawn. An invite to a country wedding doesn’t mean you have to opt for something plain and simple so if you want to stand out from the crowd, why not try something subtle but adventurous such as a suit in a subtle check or with contrasting lapels?

If in doubt go bespoke

To guarantee that you’ll look stylish on the day, choosing a bespoke suit is a sure-fire way to ensure that you look great. Bespoke suits are a whole world away from their cheap hire wear counterparts and whether you’re looking for something cool and lightweight in linen, or a traditional three-piece, a bespoke suit is a stylish solution to your wedding-wear worries.