Long gone are the days when the default attire for the groomsmen at a wedding was a cheap rental suit. At the modern wedding anything goes and if you’re struggling to come up with ideas for suits for your groomsmen, there’s a wide range of stylish options available and no need to feel constrained by convention.

Wedding planners see a lot of wedding outfits; from the sharp and stylish, through to the boring and unflattering, but luckily it does seem that the days of the hired shiny grey morning suit and patterned waistcoat do seem to be numbered. These days there are so many stylish options available it seems a real shame to miss the perfect opportunity that a wedding presents to look your best and wear a great looking suit.

As a wedding planner many of my clients start out by assuming that I’ll be concentrating on what the brides and bridesmaids will be wearing, leaving the groom and groomsmen to head off to the hire wear shop to get kitted out in morning suits with cravats in the same colour as the bridesmaids dresses. This is not the case and whilst the majority of grooms I meet definitely don’t want to upstage their bride, they do want to look great and feel confident on what is, after all, their big day too. So here are a few of my favourite options for the modern groom and groomsmen.

Timeless style with a three piece suit

A three piece suit will never go out of style and by choosing suits which are super sharp and incredibly stylish, these can be adapted to suit the individual style of the groom and the ‘look’ of the wedding. Three piece wedding suits can be any colour you like, from classic navy or grey, through to pastels or strong colours such as burgundy. Remember that there’s no rule to say you all have to wear the same colour suit and at one wedding I was involved with recently, the groom and his party looked fantastic wearing three piece suits in different but complementary colours.

Perfect for jazzing up with a natty tie and a pocket square, three piece suits are the ideal way to create an impact without upstaging the bride!

Smart yet casual two piece suits

A two piece suit is ideal if you want to look smart (who doesn’t on their wedding day?) but with a casual, slightly more relaxed twist. Two piece suits can be dressed up or down to complement the style of your wedding: dress a slim-fitting two piece up with a bow tie, or dress things down a notch or two by wearing trainers rather than shoes and losing the tie altogether. Again the range of colours is almost limitless and there’s no need for you to all wear the same shade if you don’t want to.

Dinnerwear to guarantee style and class

Wearing black tie or dinner wear to your wedding will instantly elevate it to a super-smart level. When I suggest black tie to clients many of them assume that it only ‘works’ for evening or winter weddings – I don’t know where this misconception comes from but I do know that black tie virtually guarantees sophistication and style. Another benefit of choosing black tie is that there are no worries about potentially clashing colours as you and your groomsmen will ooze pure class and style.

The casual look for relaxed weddings

The casual look is becoming more popular and is one of my personal favourites as it offers the groom and his team flexibility, without the constraints of worrying about what will match and who will suit which type of suit. Mixing it up is the order of the day with the casual look; put some of your bridal party in two piece suits, some in braces, some with waistcoats – the possibilities are endless!