So you’ve decided to get married abroad and whilst we all think that grooms tend to have it easy when it comes to choosing what to wear for their wedding, a wedding abroad can present a whole set of outfit problems.

As a wedding planner I increasingly find myself helping couples to organise weddings in exotic and far-flung locations across the globe. The most popular destinations seem to be the Caribbean and islands such as Mauritius and The Seychelles, but more unusual locations aren’t off limits and I recently helped to plan a wedding in Iceland.

Can you take the heat?

Obviously the location of the wedding will have an impact on what you wear and for grooms who are getting married in very hot countries, the heat should be taken into consideration. If you’re going to enjoy your big day you’ll need to feel relaxed and comfortable and the last thing you want to worry about is sweating buckets! Since overseas weddings have become more popular, suit designers and tailors have started stocking up on lightweight, breathable fabrics suitable for tailoring.

Linen is the most popular fabric for summer and lightweight suits: cool against the skin and naturally breathable, a bespoke linen suit can look incredibly stylish and is the ideal choice for an informal beach-side wedding. However, linen has one major drawback in that it creases almost as soon as you put in on and if you’re planning on getting married somewhere very humid, Thailand for example, you could end up looking like you’ve slept in your suit rather than having just put it on. Other materials are suitable for wearing in hot temperatures and light weight wool mixes or cotton can be used to make stylish wedding suits.

Think about the colour

Dark fabrics act like a magnet to the sun’s rays so by wearing a lighter coloured suit you’ll feel much, much cooler. Light coloured suits can look cheap but buying a bespoke suit is a good way to avoid this as the garment will have been made to fit your exact measurements and will flatter your body shape. Colours such as light blue, beige, sand or even ivory make stunning suits for overseas weddings. If light colours do absolutely nothing for you don’t panic as dark colours such as navy blue can look incredibly stylish.

Less is more

For the majority of weddings here in the UK the groom is likely to be wearing a traditional three-piece suit or morning suit. Whilst this is the ideal option for our unpredictable British weather, all these layers will make you feel hot, flustered and uncomfortable if you’re planning on getting married in a hot climate.

When the temperatures rise, the less layers the better and a stylish two piece suit is likely to be the best option. Ask yourself whether you really need to wear a tie: if yours is going to be a relaxed and informal wedding, a shirt unbuttoned at the neck looks smart but casual.

If wearing a suit whilst standing under the blazing sun sounds really unappealing, you could, of course, always ditch the suit altogether. There are no hard and fast rules that say you have to wear a suit and if you’re getting married somewhere really hot, you could try wearing tailored Bermuda shorts and a shirt – after all, not only are you getting married; you’re on holiday too!