First of all, if you’re here then you’ve decided you want balloons at your wedding. Great choice! Fantastic news! Pat on the back for you. Wedding balloons area fantastic way to inject a little bit of juvenile fun into your big day, they hearken back to simpler times of birthday parties and school disco’s. And what is a wedding if not a grown-up party with a big disco?! Balloons are more diverse than you might think, trust us they are, so we’ve rounded some of our favourite examples from across the Interweb along with three non-negotiable tips for balloon based matrimony. So read on and enjoy!

Wedding Balloon Top Tips
1. Don’t cheap out, commission a reputable company like Funky Muppet to do the hard work for you. Make sure they’re relatively local to you so that you can go into their shop or showroom and discuss in person exactly what it is you’re after.
2. Give the company plenty of time before the big day in order for them to order in everything that you’re going to need and be very clear with exactly what you want.
3. Communicate with the balloon company, let them know where to be and the proceedings of the day. Inflated balloons don’t stay inflated for ever so the actual inflation will have to be timed right so that they look their best for you!

long tables

(Image credit: Ann Kathrin Koch)

Similarly to how fairy lights or string lights look suspended above long trestle tables, balloons hung above long tables and paired with bunting give the illusion of a lower ceiling making the dining experience all the more intimate. This Scottish wedding shows just how its done.


(Image credit: Faye Cornhill)

You can almost make your balloons appear like orbs at the top of colourful pillars by attaching fabric and fringes to the string, here’s a great example of ‘fringing’ your balloons, view the entire wedding over on Rock My Wedding.

Foliage Fringing

(Image credit: Luke and Katherine from Max and Friends)

Another alternative to fabric is to use greenery or foliage, the trick is obviously to use plants or fabric that are light enough for the buoyancy of the balloon to stay afloat. Note that in both fringing and in adding plants, the balloons used are large, round, heavy duty balloons.


(Image credit: Kate LeSueur)

Sometimes less is more definitely more, a simple floating backdrop to a room with a busy centre piece can be very effective. Like in this Marie Antoinette inspired table setting over on  Camille Styles, let them eat cake!


(Image credit: The House that Lars Built)

The scope for archways is honestly massive, but when executed properly balloon arches can look absolutely stunning. Whether you decide to have a traditionally shaped archway, a heart-shaped one or you go for an asymmetrical style with flowers and foliage draped between – they can add a whimsical vibe in a very aesthetically-pleasing way.

So there you have it, some great examples of just how fantastic balloons can look at a wedding. With a little planning and at a more affordable cost than you might think, you too could have a wedding venue that other people will be posting to Instagram and Pinterest before you can say, well… Balloon!