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Balloons at a wedding? You got it.

First of all, if you’re here then you’ve decided you want balloons at your wedding. Great choice! Fantastic news! Pat on the back for you. Wedding balloons area fantastic way to inject a little bit of juvenile fun into your big day, they hearken back to simpler times of birthday parties and school disco’s. And what is a wedding if not a grown-up party with a big disco?! Balloons are more diverse than you might think, trust us they are, so we’ve rounded some of our favourite examples from across the Interweb along with three non-negotiable tips for balloon based matrimony. So read on and enjoy!

Wedding Balloon Top Tips
1. Don’t cheap out, commission a reputable company like Funky Muppet to do the hard work for you. Make sure they’re relatively local to you so that you can go into their shop or showroom and discuss in person exactly what it is you’re after.
2. Give the company plenty of time before the big day in order for them to order in everything that you’re going to need and be very clear with exactly what you want.
3. Communicate with the balloon company, let them know where to be and the proceedings of the day. Inflated balloons don’t stay inflated for ever so the actual inflation will have to be timed right so that they look their best for you!

long tables

(Image credit: Ann Kathrin Koch)

Similarly to how fairy lights or string lights look suspended above long trestle tables, balloons hung above long tables and paired with bunting give the illusion of a lower ceiling making the dining experience all the more intimate. This Scottish wedding shows just how its done.


(Image credit: Faye Cornhill)

You can almost make your balloons appear like orbs at the top of colourful pillars by attaching fabric and fringes to the string, here’s a great example of ‘fringing’ your balloons, view the entire wedding over on Rock My Wedding.

Foliage Fringing

(Image credit: Luke and Katherine from Max and Friends)

Another alternative to fabric is to use greenery or foliage, the trick is obviously to use plants or fabric that are light enough for the buoyancy of the balloon to stay afloat. Note that in both fringing and in adding plants, the balloons used are large, round, heavy duty balloons.


(Image credit: Kate LeSueur)

Sometimes less is more definitely more, a simple floating backdrop to a room with a busy centre piece can be very effective. Like in this Marie Antoinette inspired table setting over on  Camille Styles, let them eat cake!


(Image credit: The House that Lars Built)

The scope for archways is honestly massive, but when executed properly balloon arches can look absolutely stunning. Whether you decide to have a traditionally shaped archway, a heart-shaped one or you go for an asymmetrical style with flowers and foliage draped between – they can add a whimsical vibe in a very aesthetically-pleasing way.

So there you have it, some great examples of just how fantastic balloons can look at a wedding. With a little planning and at a more affordable cost than you might think, you too could have a wedding venue that other people will be posting to Instagram and Pinterest before you can say, well… Balloon!

How to choose the perfect suit for your wedding abroad


So you’ve decided to get married abroad and whilst we all think that grooms tend to have it easy when it comes to choosing what to wear for their wedding, a wedding abroad can present a whole set of outfit problems.

As a wedding planner I increasingly find myself helping couples to organise weddings in exotic and far-flung locations across the globe. The most popular destinations seem to be the Caribbean and islands such as Mauritius and The Seychelles, but more unusual locations aren’t off limits and I recently helped to plan a wedding in Iceland.

Can you take the heat?

Obviously the location of the wedding will have an impact on what you wear and for grooms who are getting married in very hot countries, the heat should be taken into consideration. If you’re going to enjoy your big day you’ll need to feel relaxed and comfortable and the last thing you want to worry about is sweating buckets! Since overseas weddings have become more popular, suit designers and tailors have started stocking up on lightweight, breathable fabrics suitable for tailoring.

Linen is the most popular fabric for summer and lightweight suits: cool against the skin and naturally breathable, a bespoke linen suit can look incredibly stylish and is the ideal choice for an informal beach-side wedding. However, linen has one major drawback in that it creases almost as soon as you put in on and if you’re planning on getting married somewhere very humid, Thailand for example, you could end up looking like you’ve slept in your suit rather than having just put it on. Other materials are suitable for wearing in hot temperatures and light weight wool mixes or cotton can be used to make stylish wedding suits.

Think about the colour

Dark fabrics act like a magnet to the sun’s rays so by wearing a lighter coloured suit you’ll feel much, much cooler. Light coloured suits can look cheap but buying a bespoke suit is a good way to avoid this as the garment will have been made to fit your exact measurements and will flatter your body shape. Colours such as light blue, beige, sand or even ivory make stunning suits for overseas weddings. If light colours do absolutely nothing for you don’t panic as dark colours such as navy blue can look incredibly stylish.

Less is more

For the majority of weddings here in the UK the groom is likely to be wearing a traditional three-piece suit or morning suit. Whilst this is the ideal option for our unpredictable British weather, all these layers will make you feel hot, flustered and uncomfortable if you’re planning on getting married in a hot climate.

When the temperatures rise, the less layers the better and a stylish two piece suit is likely to be the best option. Ask yourself whether you really need to wear a tie: if yours is going to be a relaxed and informal wedding, a shirt unbuttoned at the neck looks smart but casual.

If wearing a suit whilst standing under the blazing sun sounds really unappealing, you could, of course, always ditch the suit altogether. There are no hard and fast rules that say you have to wear a suit and if you’re getting married somewhere really hot, you could try wearing tailored Bermuda shorts and a shirt – after all, not only are you getting married; you’re on holiday too!

Stylish suit ideas for groomsmen


Long gone are the days when the default attire for the groomsmen at a wedding was a cheap rental suit. At the modern wedding anything goes and if you’re struggling to come up with ideas for suits for your groomsmen, there’s a wide range of stylish options available and no need to feel constrained by convention.

Wedding planners see a lot of wedding outfits; from the sharp and stylish, through to the boring and unflattering, but luckily it does seem that the days of the hired shiny grey morning suit and patterned waistcoat do seem to be numbered. These days there are so many stylish options available it seems a real shame to miss the perfect opportunity that a wedding presents to look your best and wear a great looking suit.

As a wedding planner many of my clients start out by assuming that I’ll be concentrating on what the brides and bridesmaids will be wearing, leaving the groom and groomsmen to head off to the hire wear shop to get kitted out in morning suits with cravats in the same colour as the bridesmaids dresses. This is not the case and whilst the majority of grooms I meet definitely don’t want to upstage their bride, they do want to look great and feel confident on what is, after all, their big day too. So here are a few of my favourite options for the modern groom and groomsmen.

Timeless style with a three piece suit

A three piece suit will never go out of style and by choosing suits which are super sharp and incredibly stylish, these can be adapted to suit the individual style of the groom and the ‘look’ of the wedding. Three piece wedding suits can be any colour you like, from classic navy or grey, through to pastels or strong colours such as burgundy. Remember that there’s no rule to say you all have to wear the same colour suit and at one wedding I was involved with recently, the groom and his party looked fantastic wearing three piece suits in different but complementary colours.

Perfect for jazzing up with a natty tie and a pocket square, three piece suits are the ideal way to create an impact without upstaging the bride!

Smart yet casual two piece suits

A two piece suit is ideal if you want to look smart (who doesn’t on their wedding day?) but with a casual, slightly more relaxed twist. Two piece suits can be dressed up or down to complement the style of your wedding: dress a slim-fitting two piece up with a bow tie, or dress things down a notch or two by wearing trainers rather than shoes and losing the tie altogether. Again the range of colours is almost limitless and there’s no need for you to all wear the same shade if you don’t want to.

Dinnerwear to guarantee style and class

Wearing black tie or dinner wear to your wedding will instantly elevate it to a super-smart level. When I suggest black tie to clients many of them assume that it only ‘works’ for evening or winter weddings – I don’t know where this misconception comes from but I do know that black tie virtually guarantees sophistication and style. Another benefit of choosing black tie is that there are no worries about potentially clashing colours as you and your groomsmen will ooze pure class and style.

The casual look for relaxed weddings

The casual look is becoming more popular and is one of my personal favourites as it offers the groom and his team flexibility, without the constraints of worrying about what will match and who will suit which type of suit. Mixing it up is the order of the day with the casual look; put some of your bridal party in two piece suits, some in braces, some with waistcoats – the possibilities are endless!


How to be the best dressed guest

So you’ve woken up this morning to find an invitation to an old friend’s wedding has landed on your doorstop. You knew your friend had popped the question and although you’re absolutely delighted for him, panic is starting to set in as you haven’t a clue what to wear.

A wedding is the one of the most important days in someone’s life and whether you’re looking for a suit to wear to a distant cousin’s wedding or are searching for the perfect outfit to wear in your duties as a best man, it’s absolutely vital that you get your look just right.

Dress to impress

Weddings are the ideal opportunity to impress and don’t forget that the photos will be looked at fondly for many years to come. The type of suit you wear to a wedding will depend on where the wedding will be held and what kind of wedding it’s going to be. Whether it’s a country church or a tropical beach there’s no hard and fast rule to say that you have to wear a suit, but if you’re planning on looking sharp and stylish, donning a tailored garment will make you feel the part.

Stylish weddings

As any wedding planner worth their salt will tell you, rental suits have well and truly had their day. When you think about who could’ve been wearing it and the fact that it’s made in a one-size-fits-all style, formal hire really isn’t worth it. A decent suit is well worth investing in – remember that you can always pull it out again to wear for an important interview, a smart weekend away or even another wedding. If you’re planning on buying one stylish suit in your life go for single-breasted navy and make it bespoke if you can afford it.

Traditional weddings

What is a traditional wedding suit? These days it’s most definitely not a traditional morning suit, however there’s absolutely no doubt that a bespoke three piece suit will still cut the mustard. Three piece suits look great on grooms and guests alike and once you’ve got all hot and bothered doing the conga at the disco, you can shed your jacket to reveal a sharp waistcoat.

Overseas weddings

Whilst an invite to a wedding in an exotic location is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and enjoy a short holiday, choosing a suit to wear in sweltering weather can be problematic. Wool is obviously a no-no whilst a linen suit can look like you’ve slept in it so why not get round the problem by choosing cotton or a lightweight wool blend? You’ll still look stylish provided you go for a light colour and finishing your look with a pair of killer shades.

Country weddings

When I say country wedding what I really mean is quintessentially English. Think country church and a marquee on the lawn. An invite to a country wedding doesn’t mean you have to opt for something plain and simple so if you want to stand out from the crowd, why not try something subtle but adventurous such as a suit in a subtle check or with contrasting lapels?

If in doubt go bespoke

To guarantee that you’ll look stylish on the day, choosing a bespoke suit is a sure-fire way to ensure that you look great. Bespoke suits are a whole world away from their cheap hire wear counterparts and whether you’re looking for something cool and lightweight in linen, or a traditional three-piece, a bespoke suit is a stylish solution to your wedding-wear worries.


Buying guide to traditional wedding suits


As a wedding planner I hear lots of phrases being bandied about such ‘it’ll be the happiest day of my life’, ‘the most important event’ etc. No pressure then but it would be nice to think that your wedding day should be one of your best-dressed days. When it comes to what to wear you’ll want to get it exactly right and although the focus is almost always on the bride’s dress, looking good is equally important to the grooms that I meet.

How to dress for your wedding

It’s a fact that the vast majority of men still choose to wear a suit on their wedding day. It’s not hard to see why the suit remains the top choice: there aren’t many men who don’t look good in a well-cut suit and smart tailoring is incredibly flattering for most physiques. A good suit oozes style and as soon as you put it on it should give you confidence, helping you to relax and enjoy your big day.

Timeless elegance

A simple two piece suit is a sure-fired route to timeless elegance. Simple and easy to wear, single breasted two piece suits look great on almost all body shapes, whilst double-breasted two piece suits tend to suit tall slim men. Charcoal grey or navy (my personal favourite) are stylish, modern choices but if you’re worried your suit will look boring, you could always jazz it up with a pocket hanky, for example.

The beauty of two piece suits lies in their versatility as the ‘look’ can be altered to suit the style of the wedding. Formal weddings are a great opportunity to pull out all the style stops and to wear your sharp two piece with a slim fitting shirt and narrow tie. More informal weddings call for relaxed tailoring so why not ditch the brogues and tie and team up your two piece suit with stylish trainers and an open-necked shirt?

Understated style

A dinner suit or black tie is a sure-fire route to looking sharp and classically elegant. Simple and understated, a bespoke dinner suit is pretty hard to beat but one word of caution: check that this is what the other guests will be wearing or you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

Traditional doesn’t have to mean boring

A traditional three piece suit is still the garment of choice for the majority of grooms. The classic morning suit is becoming less common and most of the grooms I work with these days much prefer a bespoke three piece suit to top hat and tails. Deciding to wear a three piece suit to your wedding doesn’t mean that you’ll have to look staid or boring though and by buying a bespoke suit, you’ll be able to choose from literally thousands of suiting fabric and lining combinations. Mid-weight wool fabric is probably the best choice for British summer wedding whilst linen looks great if you’re planning on getting married somewhere hot and exotic.

Remember that getting your style right means getting the details right so don’t overlook those all-important ‘extras’ such as the colour of your shirt, cufflinks and shoes.

Relax and enjoy

Looking good on your wedding day will ensure that you feel relaxed and confident, ready to enjoy what is likely to be one of the most important days of your life. Choose something you feel comfortable wearing and whether it’s a traditional grey three piece suit or a burgundy velvet tuxedo and you’ll look and feel like a million dollars.

How to choose the perfect wedding suit


The venue has been booked, the wedding dress chosen and the invitations have been sent out. There’s just one thing missing – the perfect wedding suit for the groom. No groom wants to upstage the bride but if there’s one day in your life when you want to look your very best, it’s certain to be your wedding. But how do you choose a knockout suit?

Off-the-peg or bespoke?

As any self-respecting tailor will tell you, when it comes to wedding suits, hire wear simply won’t cut the mustard. At best ill-fitting and shapeless, or at worst downright worn and incredibly cheap looking, hiring a suit for a wedding should be avoided at all costs. This leaves a choice between buying an off-the-peg suit or going bespoke.

Off-the-peg suits can look great you really do get what you pay for so try to spend as much as you can afford and stretch your budget as far as possible. Some well-known high street stores now stock perfectly acceptable off-the-peg suits for weddings, with a couple offering a compromise in the form of off-the-peg suits which can altered to suit your measurements.

If you do decide to buy an off-the-beg suit, it must fit you perfectly and flatter your shape. Double-breasted suits tend to look better on taller, slim men whilst single-breasted suits are great all-rounders which look good on most builds.

Bespoke ensures a perfect fit

Bespoke suits are made for the wearer and as such guarantee a perfect, flattering fit. Granted a bespoke suit will cost a lot more than off-the-peg, but it can be well worth looking upon the suit as an investment and as something you’ll wear for many years to come. Buying a bespoke suit isn’t complicated or difficult; the process involves having detailed measurements taken by a tailor, who will then create a pattern from which your unique suit will be created.

You’re the designer

The bespoke tailoring process allows the wearer to become the designer and you’re likely to be offered a choice of thousands of fabrics and lining materials, plus an almost limitless choice over the details of the design. From the shape of the lapels to the stitching; you’ll be able to create a truly unique suit that reflects your style and personality. You’ll also have the opportunity to match your suit with those of your groomsmen, or why not choose a lining to complement the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses?

Many bespoke tailors also have the expertise to design and create everything from made-to-measure shirts through to waistcoats and ties; a great way to ensure your suits enhance the outfits of the rest of the bridal party.

Most UK towns and cities boast at least one bespoke tailor but if you’re struggling to find one near you, you’ll find that there are several national tailoring firms who offer a door-to-door service, designed to make it easy to order a bespoke suit from the comfort of your own home. If you’re in or around the Yorkshire or London areas, then you might try Norton & Townsend who create bespoke wedding suits for many clients.

Buying your first bespoke suit can seem daunting but the process really is straightforward. Relax and enjoy the experience; remember that you’re buying a truly unique suit that’s guaranteed to give you confidence and ensure you look like a million dollars on your big day.